Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jonny's got a brand new blog

Sorry to start off this post with a picture of me... I'm not being a narcissist, it's just this is the easiest way to publish a picture on the web and be able to point at a URL in my blog profile.

I'll spend the next few weeks documenting some of the work and events that the car has experienced since I've owned it and of course give a bit of background to the car. I'll then use the blog to keep a running commentary of living with the car. I might even give an indication of running costs? I'm not sure yet, since I may not want the missus to see that! :-)

I'm also very aware of how difficult it is to find information on these cars, let alone suppliers for parts and add-ons. I'll therefore start listing where I've got bits from and who's done work on the car.

Anyay, I hope you enjoy the blog and maybe by sharing my experiences I may help out a few other Maserati Ghibli drivers? If you are looking for help with a Maserati or just want to know some more about the manufacturer, I can thoroughly recommend Enrico's Maserati Pages.

Good luck!

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