Monday, June 12, 2006

Appointment booked with Rica

I've booked an appointment with Rica for the 20th June, so should have dyno results then to post. Would like to have gone sooner but seems they're pretty booked up at the moment.

However, I shouldn't complain since this gives me time to sort out a few other things. I had another look at replacing the alluminium flexible pipe this weekend and think I can do it with an additional few 70mm silicone bits, namely another 45 degree elbow and another straight section to couple up with the 90 degree elbows that I already have. Only problem is that I want them in black, which doesn't seem to be well stocked oddly? Everyone seems to like blue?

I also looked at the fastenings again and have sorted out something far more satisfactory. And I remeasured the oil vapour recovery hose... looks like it's more like 13mm diameter, which means I ordered the wrong size cone filters... oh well!

Was just looking at the IHI turbos website... the turbos fitted to these cars are capable of producing 2.8 bar! That's pretty impressive and perhaps a bit wasted on the Ghibli? I'm looking forward to seeing at what revs I'm getting 1.2 bar at now.

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