Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jonny's Ghibli Valued!

The nice folks at Kröller insurance here in the Netherlands have agreed to insure my car as an old-timer after I made them aware of a quote from one of their competitors. This is good news for me since it will more than half the cost of the yearly insurance premium!

In order to calculate the new premium, the insurance company requested that I have the car inspected and valued by an independent assessor. So on Monday I met up with Rob from Hofkamp Projects. I received his report yesterday, in which he marked the overal condition of the car as 8.5 out of 10 and gave the car an insurance value of €22,000. This is higher than I anticipated since the market value of the car is probably more like €15,000, but he included the value of the modifications made to the car, so the indicated value is what he thinks it would cost to replace the car.

So, nice to see a high value for the car, but not so good for the insurance premium calculation!

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