Tuesday, March 21, 2006

APK action items for Jonny's Ghibli

Here's a list of things that need to be checked/fixed when my Ghibli next gets serviced:

  1. Windscreen washer nozzles; the driver's side nozzle needs adjusting to point in the right direction, since it currently leaves a big patch of unwashed glass which impedes the driver's view of the road.
  2. The fuel pump is making a whizzing noise; it probably needs cleaning or replacing.
  3. The courtesy light in the boot isn't working; probably a faulty connection somewhere in the boot.
  4. It's almost time for the big 60,000km service, so the timing chains will need replacing.
  5. I'm going to order a new front exhaust section from Larini; I'm positive that the catalysts currently installed have become restrictive after the car ran for a while too rich (due to a dodgy connection on the Lambda probe I think the car was running in open loop for a couple of months, although it's strange that a warning lamp never came on in the dashboard?).
  6. I may ask Jorrit at Auto Forza if he can set up the buttons on the center console to illuminate when the driving lights are switched on.
  7. The radio isn't working; I suspect that either the antenna has stopped working or that there's a bad connection/broken wire between the radio and the antenna.
  8. Since the car will now be garaged and off the street, I may get the damaged bumpers changed out. There's also a dent in the underbody after a mishap with an hydraulic jack that I'd like straightening out.
  9. The belt driving the alternator is slipping slightly and needs tensioning.
  10. Sounds like there's something loose in the airco ducting, maybe a leaf? It stops when the fan is switched off.
  11. The volt meter still only works periodically. I can live with this, but I'd so much like it fixing!
  12. The tracking is slightly off; seems to get knocked off centre pretty easily.
  13. The clutch pedal is squeaking; I think it's the spring that needs oiling a bit.
  14. The handbrake needs tightening. Again. The Ghibli's handbrake seems to be a bit problematic.

Once the exhaust is changed out, I'll take the car back to Rica Engineering to get the fuel remapped; it's currently running a bit rich, which is loosing a few hoursepower I suspect.

Other than that, the car seems to be running pretty well, although I've not been out in it for a few months... waiting for the salt to get washed off the roads!

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