Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ghibli survives another winter

I took the Ghibli out on the road this weekend, after it's been wrapped up over the winter months. I reconnected the battery (after disconnecting it over winter) and it started up no problems straight away!

I drove it nice and carefully with low revs until the engine was warmed up. The only thing I noticed was that a lot of steam was coming out of the exhausts (when I stopped off at the local Shell petrol station to squirt in some Pura and a spot of injector cleaning fluid). This seems pretty typical of the car, particularly on cold, damp days.

I drove the car to Rotterdam and had a nice breakfast with the missus at Proef! On the way back I opened the car up a bit, mainly just to intimidate an Italian plated Lancia driver who was being very aggressive to the cars in front, flashing his lights and indicating that he wanted to overtake, so I thought I'd embarrass him a bit by leaving him standing. Anyway, the car performed great and I had to feather the throttle a little to prevent the rear tyres slipping on the damp road surface.

The Ghibli is now rapped up in it's new home; I purchased a garage space just down the road from our new house and now have the car parked next to it's new friend, an Audi A3.

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