Monday, May 08, 2006

Wheels on order...

Last week I placed an order for the Compomotive wheels. Seems my deposit is floating somewhere in the ether, since it's listed in my account as being transferred, but the Korst say it's not in there account yet. Hopefully it will arrive there eventually and when it does it will take 6-8 weeks for the wheels to be manufactured and delivered.

The guys at Korst are a bit uncertain as to whether the tires I want will fit, but they're going to have some smaller ones available when they fit the wheels just in case. However, if this happens I might just take the larger tires and have the lip on the wheel arches rolled up. Just have to see once they arrive...

My wife and I are thinking of driving over to the UK later in the summer and doing a bit of a road tour... so that's good incentive to get everything sorted and working properly on the Ghibli in time, otherwise will have to make the journey in the Volvo, which won't be half as much fun! The missus is also talking about getting me a dog... there's no way that I'm sticking a dog on the back seat of the Ghibli, so it might be the Volvo after all.

Would be nice driving the Ghibli in the UK though... I don't believe the Dutch and the UK police forces have joined forces yet, which may mean continued immunity to speed cameras...???

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