Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Radio Silence

First of all, apologies for being so quiet recently! I've had a pretty hectic couple of months, but things are quietening down a little now.

The first bit of good news is that the replacement calipers and brackets have arrived from Mov'it! I've got an appointment booked at Auto Forza to get them fitted on Saturday, so I should have some good news and pictures to post on Saturday evening (fingers crossed)! Since we're still yet to have our first ice here in the Netherlands, the Ghibli is still on the road, so I should still get the chance to try out the new brakes before the end of the year (fingers crossed for this too).

I've also got some disappointing news. I drove to Antwerp a few weeks back, which was great fun (although I'm not sure my wife sat in the passenger seat will agree, since she is of the opinion that the Ghibli brings out the aggressive driver in me... but I can't resist making the most of the Ghibli on the long straight road to Antwerp). Whilst driving around on Antwerp's unkept roads, I had to drive up close to the pavement to avoid being hit by an oncoming car... but a little too close. I ended curbing the rear wheel.

The impact didn't feel too severe, but when I returned home later that evening, I had a quick look and a feel and the damage to the wheel looked disproportionate. The lacquer on the wheels seems very brittle and looks like it's flaking off and propagating. I've written to Compomotive for some advice but they've not responded. I'll take some pictures of the damage and post them at the weekend.

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