Sunday, October 07, 2007

Missing exhaust bracket fitted

New mounting bracket for Maserati Ghibli's replacement mid section exhaust

Last week the replacement bracket to fix the new exhaust to the gearbox arrived. I ordered the part from David Askew and as you can see it's brand new from the factory, still in the original packaging.

I got the part fitted yesterday. As you'd expect, it didn't line up perfectly with the attachment points on the exhaust, but it's good enough!

New gearbox fixing bracket installed for replacement exhaust

I had to order two parts, both of which are different to the original ones from the MY92 variant of the Ghibli. The triangular part that attaches to the gearbox is not offset like the old one was and the long part is about 3-4 cm longer than the original part.

So, that's the fitting of the new exhaust finished. After driving around with it for a bit now, it's not massively louder than the original system, but there's certainly a sweet spot... around 3000 rpm it sounds like a proper Italian engine!

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