Sunday, September 23, 2007

Picture of Jonny's Ghibli found on the web

Seems some more pictures from the Maserati event at the TT Circuit Assen are making their way onto the web. Below is a picture someone took of me driving down the start/finish straight with the ANWB roadside assistance mechanic that changed my hose clamp in the passenger seat!

Jonny's Ghibli on the track

The car is squatting a far bit more at the rear than I thought it was... it didn't look like it was so much on the video. I noticed that the Shamals on the track were squatting a fair bit too, so I wonder if it's to do with the springs used on these cars or maybe the rear axle set up, which was changed on the post ABS variant Ghiblis?


Xpat said...

wonderful work you are doing out there with your Ghibli. I own a '95 Ghibli ABS (same colour as yours). I was interested in what you were trying to do with the ECU replacement by the KMS system. I could not find out on your blog if you ever did this or not. Although I read in your december '07 posting: "In the long term, I'm planning on changing out the ECU" from which I deduct you still did'nt do it yet. So what are the plans? I had the impression that the KMS seemed a good solution and that you were having it installed at Wereld Auto by Buddy??

Keep up the great work!

Jonny said...

Hi there Jurjen

Thanks for the feedback!

OK... still planning on doing something with the ECU, but haven't yet. What's holding me back is that I know the car isn't performing as well as it should be at the moment (I'm getting stock performance, but should be getting more) so I'm trying to trace and sort out these problems first before moving on.

I was indeed looking at the KMS system since it's certainly good value, but applying this to the odd-fire V6 will be stretching this ECU, using up all the spare ports to drive the ignition. There's a guy in Norway currently installing a Haltech ECU in his equivalent engined Maserati 224 and I'm keeping a close eye on how he is getting along (and might pop over and help him finish off the set-up). This system looks very good and good value and when he gets it up and running he'll share all his experience and base maps, which makes the task of changing out the ECU much less scarey!

In the meantime, I'm looking at a way of reading the stock ECU maps and changing these. The problem at the moment is mostly finding the time, but also having the facilities to do all this work, since I don't have my own workshop, so it's a bit awkward.

I'll keep any updates posted on the blog!

Cheers... Jonny.

CGS cat back exhaust said...

Your car looks nice even though its old. I would not call it "old" again though. Nice work you've been doing to it and that inspires me. Thanks a lot.