Friday, November 03, 2006

Mov'it anticlimax

Yesterday I took the new Mov'it brakes 'round to Jorrit at Auto Forza to fit to my car. The disc fitted perfectly, but unfortunately the calipers sit in the wrong position, approximately 18mm too high above the disc, as you can see in the attached picture.

It seems that the kit has been supplied with adapter brackets designed for the later ABS and GT versions of the Ghibli and not for my Series 1a version. The mounting bracket on my car is different to the ones used on the later cars (which Jorrit confirmed by removing the front wheel off a Ghibli GT that he had in his workshop and having a look).

It's a real shame, since the kit is of excellent quality; even Jorrit was impressed! I have no doubt that the kit will fit on the later versions of the Ghibli and would look absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately it doesn't fit on my car.

I'm currently talking with Mov'it to determine what to do next... I'll keep you posted as to the outcome. I hope that they can come up with a solution for fitting them, since I really want them to work!

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