Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Appologies for not writing for so long! Things have been a bit hectic and I was away on holiday for a couple of weeks.

The bad news is that I missed the Geneva motor show and the unveiling of the new GranTurismo last month. The good news is that it looks like I'm off to the AutoRAI in Amsterdam this weekend, so I'll take my camera along and see if I can get some good pictures of the new car to post here. Assuming that Maserati will let me on their stand that is... I've written to them asking for access, but I've not heard anything back yet. So I'm hoping that if I take my keys along with me that they'll see that I'm an owner and let me in!

I have managed to drive the Ghibli since my last posting. It's running well, but there's a couple of things that I need to get sorted over the next month or two. First of all... the bumpers still need replacing. Might just give Jorrit a call and ask him to sort it all out, including rolling out a couple of dents.

Also, the pin that sits in the hinge mechanism of the door on the passenger side of the car has fallen out, which means that the door makes a lound crack/bang noise when it is opened. It's not causing any damage, but it worries me so I need to get that sorted.

And I stil need to get some new bolts for my front wheels. The current ones are a bit too short and are on the limit with only a couple of threads (the minimum amount) holding the wheels to the hub. Assuming that the local wheel dealers are open on Friday (since it's Easter holidays), I'll try and get this sorted then.

In the meantime, one of my friends did make it to the Geneva show and managed to get a few pictures of the new car, which I've attached below (thanks Martin).

He also got a picture of what is probably my favourite car at the moment, the Alfa 8C (although he seemed more intent on photographing the ladies on the stands rather than the cars).

I actually saw the concept of this car unveiled at the Frankfurt motorshow a couple of years ago (a deep red colour) and fell in love with it then... I have a picture of it somewhere that I'll have to try and dig out.

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