Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chasing the performance gap

I've been thinking some more about the strange performance that I've been getting from my car. I had another read throught the manual that came with the E-Boost boost controller and figured that I might not have the sensitivity set up correct, so I'm slowly increasing it each time I drive the car until I notice some "wobble" on the boost pressure, at which point I'll knock the sensitivity back a little.

It could be that the boost controller is not responding quick enough with the wastegate control to maintain effective operation of the turbos, but I doubt this since I'd expect to see the boost pressure drop off in this scenario. But I'll try adjusting it nonetheless.

To see if my modifications make and change to performance, I've ordered a G-Meter to do some on the road diagnosis. Hopefully this should arrive in the next couple of weeks and I won't have to make frequent trips to Rica anymore.

I also had a look in the engine compartment yesterday, seeing if there would be space for charge coolers or increasing the size of the intercoolers. Looks like there's a couple of options that I could persue... including something interesting I read about candle wax... But whilst looking I noticed that the hose to the left intercooler has deteriorated quite badly with some nasty crack in the ninety degree elbow. It could be leaking, so I'll ask Jorrit to change it out when I next see him.

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