Monday, April 09, 2007

Ghibli nice and clean

Since moving house last year, I have to admit that I've neglected the Ghibli a little. Well, today was a holiday, so I took the opportunity to give the car a wash. It certainly needed it... I was pretty suprised how quick the water in the bucket turned black. But it was well worth the effort... it brought a smile to my face to see the car looking so good... the car's coming up to it's 15th birthday this year and the car is still on its original paint, but it still has a nice deep shine. In fact, one elderly gentleman cycled past and commented that it looked as good as new!

Here's a picture...

To dry the car off a little before putting it back in the garage, I went for a quick drive (well, it was a good excuse to go for a quick drive... I'm really enjoying driving the car at the moment since it's running really well since its 60k service). On the way I drove past another Ghibli driver in a silver GT. Needless to say, when I gave him a flash of my lights he responded with an enthusiastic wave... It's great being a member of the Maserati community!

Anyway, I'm getting some new bolts for the wheels tomorrow (longer ones on the front and maybe some locking bolts all around to stop the temptation for anyone to steal them) and in a week or two I'll be getting new bumpers and the bumps rolled out. So plenty to keep me busy for a few weeks...

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