Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ghibli strut brace spotted!

I remember a few years back stumbling across this website when I was doing research into buying a Ghibli. I've just stumbled across it again... a Ghibli owned by a German fella by the looks of things.

Anyway, looking through the pictures of his nice looking silver Ghibli GT, I noticed that he's had a front strut brace fitted. Taking a closer look, it's definitely not a Sparco one, so chances are he had it custom made? I'll see if I can drop him an email and get some more info on it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jonny,
Hardly a day passes without me reading your absolutely fantastic blog. Clear texts, fine illustrations and a very nice layout too.
Since a couple of years I’ve been driving a ‘tundra verde’ 1996 Ghibli GT and I’m very satisfied with it. It is still in its original state, except for a respray and a stainless steel exhaust system by the previous owner. Although I have little knowledge of the technical side of this car, your adventures in order to improve your Ghibli really fascinate me somehow. Keep blogging, please, and thanks a lot!
Best wishes,

Erik, Zeist.

PS-sst: Let’s keep it a secret how magnificent this car actually is, shall we?