Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Jonny Maserati videos...

Here's the short videos I took at the weekend during my photo shoot with the Ghibli! Unfortunately, I don't have a video camera so was just using the video function on my old digital camera... hence the quality is not great. Still, gives a decent enough impression though.

The first one is a standard rear shot of the car with me revving the crap out of it. Compared to the video I took a couple of years back when I just installed the Larini exhaust, the car now sounds a fair bit louder. I therefore think that the Larini silencers have opened up a bit... which isn't a bad thing since I think the car is sounding good!

This second video is taken in the engine bay... there's quite a lot of background noise since the radiator fan was working a fair bit (since I had the car parked and idling for a while), but when I open up the throttle you can still here the engine! You can also see the Forge blow off valves opening and closing, but unfortunately since there's no load on the engine then there's no inlet pressure building up, so you can't hear the valves blow off any pressure. I'll have to take a video from inside the car one day when I'm driving it hard so that you can hear all the noises that it's now making.

Hope you enjoy them!

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Anonymous said...

Less money on Exhausts & brakes... and buy a decent digital camera with a video function that works!