Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update on V-Power

I did some research on V-Power and came across the following:

V-Power in the Netherlands is a 97 octane fuel. Officially it has a 95 label because 97 just doens't exist. And since it is not a 98 octane, they can't call it a 98 octane fuel.

In Belgium it is 98 and in Germany even 100 octane. The decision to use a 97 octane was based on a market search. For that reason, we get different kind of fuels in different countries. It is unlikely that V-Power in the Netherlands will be adapted in the short future since it has just been introduced.

It is also true that not all cars run good on this 97 octane fuel. There is a small number of modern cars and older cars that simply run better on an higher octane. Unfortunately, Shell can't help them out since they don't have the 98 octane fuel anymore.

Most cars however run even better on V-Power. It all depends on the motor of the car. The additives are very good in cleaning out the motor which ends up in a better performance an fuel economy. That can sometimes take a bit of time since a motor is not clean again after just 1 time of taking fuel.

I'll continue to run some of my own tests to determine which fuel is best for the car.

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